747 Jumbo Jet Birthday Cake
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How to Make an Airplane Birthday Cake…Specifically, a Jumbo Jet

My son is fascinated with many things…monster trucks, construction vehicles, nature, animals, and especially airplanes. He can spot a 747 or A380 from miles away and tell you the airline before you can even confirm it’s actually an airplane. For his 3rd birthday, he wanted a cake in the shape of a jumbo jet so I did what I always do…jumped on Pinterest and YouTube to find out how in the world to make such a cake. I had never used fondant before but I was feeling ambitious (and overly confident) so I decided to dive right in. You’ve gotta start somewhere, right? 

Most people shutter when you say “fondant” icing because they’ve never attempted to use it. I don’t think it’s difficult to use, in fact, I find it easier than using buttercream icing. Try using it sometime when there’s no pressure —-unlike me, who made the cake the night before 50 people were coming to the birthday party. TALK ABOUT PRESSURE!

Here are detailed pictures of my hard work…

9x13 inch chocolate cakes

Basic 9 x 13 inch chocolate cakes for constructing the plane. 

Carve cake body for airplane

I layered the cake with buttercream icing and using a pairing knife started carving the body of the cake into the shape of an airplane.

airplane birthday cake with frosting

Add a crumb coat…frost the entire cake with buttercream and then stick it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to harden.

Wilton white fondant

I bought Wilton fondant from Michaels craft store. Knead the fondant to soften it.

rolled fondant on chocolate cake

Roll out the fondant. You’ll need enough to cover the length of your cake. As my dad always says, “Measure TWICE, cut ONCE”. You want the fondant to be longer than the cake so that you can trim it accordingly. 

Fondant pressed onto chocolate cake

Press the fondant onto the buttercream and smooth with your hands. Cut the fondant with a utility knife. You can also buy cake cutting blades at Michaels craft store. 

cake with fondant icing

Trim the excess fondant and discard. The edges should be clean and straight.

Take your time!

Airplane fondant birthday cake

To make the wings, I shaped white fondant into two large triangles with my hands.                                I did the same for the smaller wings, too.

Birds eye view of fondant cake

I used blue fondant to create the rudder and used a toothpick to hold it in place. 

Jumbo Jet Birthday cake

I used fondant letter molds to create the message on the cake.

Jumbo Jet Fondant Birthday Cake

TIP: Let the letters dry for about 20 minutes before adhering them to the fondant on the cake. When you are ready to stick them on the cake lightly brush water on the back of each letter and hold it in place for 10 seconds until it sticks.

747 Jumbo Jet Birthday Cake

This was the very FIRST time I used fondant and it was pretty easy. Was it perfect? No, but my on loved it and I created an awesome memory for him. My advice is to watch YouTube videos to gain confidence, take your time, and HAVE FUN!

If I can do it, you can do it!


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