Spread Stone Countertop Finishing Kit

Next Steps…Let’s Transform These Hideous Yellow Countertops!

Spread Stone Countertop Finishing Kit
Spread Stone Countertop Finishing Kit in Natural White – $125 at Home Depot

Spread Stone Countertop Finishing Kit…it’s an amazing product! I can’t remember how I learned about this cool product but I’m sure glad I did. It made the 2nd biggest difference (painting the cabinets being the #1 biggest difference). You can buy it at Home Depot but I had to order from the Home Depot website because they were out of the white color I wanted to use. The cost was $125 and worth every penny! What a steal for the look of new countertops, right? If you want to change your countertops without completely replacing them here’s what you’ll need:

  • Spread Stone Countertop Finishing Kit – Natural White ($125 at Home Depot and $160 on Amazon)
  • Electric sander ($39 at Home Depot) *Buy the sander or your arm will fall off (not really) but it will feel like it.
  • Patience (sorry, you’re on your own for this one)

First, prepare your countertops by cleaning them with soap and water, then protect your cabinets by covering them up. Next, spackle any cracks or flaws (or  HOLES in my case).  You will need to allow time for the spackle to dry and harden before the next step. Then, using the sand paper provided in the kit you will scratch them up. The sand paper will create adhesiveness for the base coat.

Before sanding countertops for base coat

Kitchen countertops before base coat
You can see where I spackled the countertop. There was a HUGE burnt circle there. I don’t miss it.

Paint the base coat using a small roller brush (included in the Spread Stone kit):

Base Coat of countertops
Make sure you protect your cabinets by covering them up. I pulled the oven out to be able to get to the sides of the counters.
base coat countertops natural white
Don’t worry that the base coat looks beige (if you are using Natural White)…the final coat will be white.

Texture, countertops, spread stone countertop finishing

Add the texture to the countertops. You need to stir the can and roll the sparkles out in a thin layer. By the way, all of these directions are in the Spread Stone Countertop Finishing Kit.

sand the countertops

You’ll need a hand sander to make your life easier. Buy one at Home Depot or Lowe’s for $40. It is worth every penny because it will save you a ton of time. Make sure you use the correct sanding paper because they are sold in different grades, i.e., Very Fine, Fine, Coarse, Very Coarse, etc. The directions in the kit are easy to follow.

sealant on countertops

The final step is adding the sealant to the countertops. You will need a few coasts of the sealant and ample time to allow it to dry. The sealant should dry for at least 3 days in order to properly harden.

It’s been 8 months since I completed these countertops and they have held up beautifully. You don’t need special care for them and I can put hot or cold items on them without any marks left on my counter. Basically, you care for this new surface as you would any other surface.  Pretty cool, huh?

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