smart tiles kitchen backsplash

Smart Tiles…or Should I Call Them BRILLIANT Tiles?


Smart TilesI think the backsplash made a huge difference in the transformation of my kitchen. I was really disappointed by the selections of adhesive tiles at Home Depot and Lowe’s when I was doing this part of my kitchen. I think by now most home improvement stores may have caught on to the demand but who knows. The selection I found at Home Depot was plain and boring!  If I had the capital I would design my own smart tiles and market them to Home Depot and Lowe’s…someone is going to steal that idea and run with it now.  Anyway, I came across Smart Tiles and bought them on the website Wayfair. They weren’t super cheap (costing $8 a sheet) but they were super easy to install and faster than grouting real tile. I used a utility knife to cut out openings for wall outlets and a paper cutter for precision when trimming the sides.  You can buy your supplies from the Smart Tiles website if you don’t already have utility knives and cutting matts. Go to the Smart Tiles website for more detailed instructions and videos. Click on the installation tab at the top of their website and you’ll find videos to watch. You literally just peel off the backing and stick them on a clean smooth surface. It’s THAT easy! Cool, huh? I like to think I have some sweet skills when it comes to stuff like this but honestly any moron could do it…wait, did I just call myself a moron?

applying smart tiles backsplash

cutting smart tiles backsplash

finished smart tiles backsplash

smart tiles backsplash kitchen

Before and After picture of kitchen

In my wildest dreams I wouldn’t have imagined these adhesive tiles would look this good. People walk into my kitchen now and think my backsplash is really subway tile.  My Smart Tiles were installed 8 months ago and not only have they held up perfectly but they are easy to clean, too. BONUS!  Try it! I guarantee you will LOVE the results! Be creative. You can put them in bathrooms, reface your fireplace, etc. Send me pictures and let me know how your project turns out. I would love to see the results—-maybe you’ll inspire me to use them in a different way.

One more thing…I should add that I removed the nasty useless hood over the stove and bought a new GE stove. The hood didn’t work and there’s an exhaust fan on the ceiling for ventilation (not pictured).

Good luck…and remember, if I can do it, you can do it!



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  • Debbie - Mountain Mama

    Love, love, LOVE!!!! You make me want to get to work on my kitchen asap!! However, in fairness, mine isn’t as bad as yours started off, so I think it will wait for a while. Someday I would like to paint the cabinets white (always wanted a white kitchen!!) and have a new counter installed to replace the dated and cracked tile countertop. But, for right now, it’s cute, it works, and it’s cozy as heck! Happy Holidays, I’m off to do a little more browsing around your site!

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